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HVAC Design, Installation, Repair and Servicing for Office Buildings

HVAC Design, Installation, Repair and Servicing for Office Buildings Corporate office space are presently undergoing a rapid transformation. Traditionally, these spaces included a ring of private offices around the perimeter of the spaces with a small farm occupying the center. Nowadays, companies are moving to more open office plan, which requires a different considerations for HVAC design. We are dedicated to providing you with an updated HVAC system to make your employee more comfortable at work, thereby increasing their productivity and happiness at work.

We will install high performance HVAC equipment that will result in considerable energy, emission, and reduction of cost (like 10 - 40 percent reduction). Each HVAC discipline has a specific design requirements, and each has the opportunity for energy savings. Our team of technicians have an understanding of how one system or subsystem affecting another is essential to making the most of the available options they have. With our help, we will help you in employing a high performance HVAC equipment in conjunction with your office building design to result in significant energy savings.

We will address every ventilation problem you may have with your office building. We will help you in designing an HVAC system design that will provide for adequate intake and distribution of outside air within the space of your office building, as well as a well-controlled distribution of conditioned air.

Our various services includes:

  • Office HVAC repair
  • Heating and Air conditioning repair
  • Office refrigeration installation
  • Office refrigeration servicing
  • Office refrigeration repair
  • Office HVAC system installation
  • Office HVAC system maintenance

We also offer a 24/7 emergency HVAC repair as well as a proactive maintenance program to help reduce the need for unexpected repairs or damage of your office HVAC system

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